Callaway - SuperSoft Ball
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Project Details

What It Is:

The Supersoft Golf Ball is one of Callaway’s latest installments in their wide line of signature golf balls. This unique matte finish ball comes in orange, red, pink and green for ease of visibility on the course. The ball's construction consists of a super-soft inner core that allows for more distance.

The Ask:

Callaway approached us looking to collaborate for the third time as part of the #CallawayCreate Campaign. The goal was to highlight the unique color and finish of the Supersoft ball and create a piece of content that would be used in social media and advertising.


We conceptualized and storyboarded the environments that the golf balls would be animated in. We wanted to use "soothing/smooth" motion and a very minimalistic environment to showcase the smooth matte finish of the ball.


The environment within the animation was created to resemble the actual packaging of the Supersoft line, featuring a completely white scene that directs all focus towards the brightly colored balls. To further emphasize the vibrant difference from ball to scene we created a color trail behind the balls that illuminates more of the negative space within the scene.