Century Link - Botnet Slayer
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Project Details

What It Is:

BotNet Slayer is a first-person shooter video game created for Century Link, a leading global technology company that provides communication and network services, cloud solutions and network security to customers worldwide.

The Ask:

Century Link wanted to create a fun attraction that would pull more visitors towards their booth at the 2019 RSA Conference in San Francisco. They wanted to create an interactive experience for the attendees, that would also aid in discussing Century Link's network security threat team "Black Lotus Labs".


Our approach was to turn real-world, network security threats into enemy characters and allow the player to "destroy" them, as a member of the "Black Lotus Labs" team. For example, the "Phish" character is based on an actual hacking technique called phishing. The game environment within BotNet Slayer was intentionally created to resemble the cyber network in which these viruses would live.


DYAD created the entire game environment along with all the characters and special effects. Once assets were designed and created, they were handed off to a third party game developer to bring to life. We then turned our attention to the design of the arcade cabinet that the game would be played in at the 2019 RSA Security Conference in San Francisco, California.