Project Details

What It Is:

Congruent is a Dallas based, Architecture firm that focuses efforts on non-commercial, residential homes. Unique to their style, they contour the design of the building as to emphasize the existing surrounding.

The Ask:

Congruent asked for a full re-branding that would better align with their companies’ ideas and style. Along with developing a website that represents the firm’s design style and displays past work.


Our goal was to create a modern, minimalistic brand image that is representative of their architectural design style. Along with a more appropriate name that better reflects the core philosophy of the company.


As a nod to their design style, the logo was formed with intentions of contouring to its’ unique surroundings. We choose a simplistic, sans-serif for the logo font, partnered with complementary cool tones and an eye-catching orange. The website followed in suit, expressing a consistent brand image along with displaying previous work.