Project Details

What It Is:

Dallas CreativeSpace is the largest and oldest North Texas artists based community located in the historic continental gin building in Dallas, Texas.

The Ask:

With two open studio events in the Fall and Spring, CreativeSpace asked Dyad to help them promote and drive traffic to their past 2018 spring event.


Dyad's initial approach was to take a step back from the event and focus on strengthening their brand first. We proposed rebranding their organization from the name, to the logo and a new website which would match the quality of work that is produced by their artists.


We collaborated with the artists and went through several rounds of creative name options, an email chain of suggestions and with process of elimination, Dallas CreativeSpace was voted in. Once the new name was established, we started working to develop a unique identity system. Our objective was to create a piece of art that would represent the artists without competing with their work. Also, we wanted to create a logo that could serve a purpose by being able to take artists pieces and frame them within this logo.