Easton Baseball - Ghost Bat
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Project Details

What It Is:

The Ghost Double Barrel Softball Bat is one of Easton's latest product installments designed for fast-pitch leagues. Easton is one of the largest baseball/softball product development companies creating a wide range of gear for all age groups and leagues.

The Ask:

Easton approached us with the concept of creating an animated video that would signify the combination of the 2 previous Ghost Bats into the new Ghost Double Barrel Bat that is approved for use on all fields.


Our goal was to create a video expressing the combination of the 2 previous ghost bats into the new double barrel, primarily focusing on close up, beauty shoots highlighting unique details of their new product.


As a nod to the name of the bats we used a dynamic smoke simulations to exemplify the fusing of the 2 previous bats into the new double barrel, incorporating both blue and yellow smoke being that those are the accent colors on the older bats.