Project Details

What It Is:

Fuzse is a payment processing broker that works with payment processers to provide their customers with the lowest transaction fee available. Fuzse also shares its earnings with developers who use Fuzse as their transaction affiliate.

The Ask:

Fuzse approached DYAD with the task of curating a refreshing logo and image that would better voice the service being provided, as well as represent the rebellious philosophy behind Fuzse. Along with creating a website that would fully embody desired reflections of the brand.


With emphasis on the ornamental use of the letter Z, we took to designing a logo that both visually simplifies what the company does as to connect separate entities along with bringing light to the non-conformist nature of the brand. It was important that the website properly mirror the brand image in an effort to establish a peculiar position within the payment processing industry aimed to attract other black sheep amongst their respective fields.


At the center of the logo we decided to craft the letter Z to resemble the fusing of two coding brackets directly surrounded by a strategically chosen, monospace font as a nod to writing code within a terminal. Metaphorically, through the use of gradients and vibrant colors, we spoke to the fact that Fuzse employs the mixing of two standalone entities. Using the same gradients and vibrant colors, we wanted to main a minimal yet exuberant feel speaking volumes to the voice and purpose of the brand.