Kevin Laroy
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Project Details

What It Is:

Kevin Laroy is an established tattoo artist, aspiring renaissance man, fashion forerunner, and up and coming entrepreneur widely-known for his appearance on Spike’s Ink Master, VH1’s Black Ink Crew, and his latest spot as a cast member of MTV’s How Far is Tattoo Far. 

The Ask:

Kevin approached DYAD in need of personal branding and a website to showcase his past and future enterprises including but not limited to tattoo work, events, and an upcoming educational video series. Aiming to give his audience a seat on the sideline while emerging as a prominent personality and figure.  


Our goal for Kevin’s branding was to convey a balance between his roots in traditional art and his entrepreneurial persona. Our objective was to develop a brand that was easily identifiable yet ambiguous enough for him to continue his career as a tattoo artist, while pursuing and showcasing other avenues of interest. 


We first developed Kevin’s brand through an adaptable logo system, multi-purpose website, and expressive photography. The logo system consisting of a “scribble” mark and mono-width font is both ambiguous and adaptable, providing the opportunity to push his brand on any platform, with or without including his actual name. His website was built to serve as a platform to engage with his audience and keep the public up to date. The photoshoot we held with Kevin provided plenty of content for his website, social media, and press kits including digital photography, film photography, and behind the scenes videography.