Lights All Night 2017
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Project Details

What It Is:

Lights All Night is Dallas’ longest running EDM music festival that is an experience for any music lover.

The Ask:

The LAN team asked Dyad to develop the 2017 event concept by adjusting the branding to consist of a vibrant, colorful theme and appear more like a festival and not a club event. They requested branding, website, video, animation and behind the scenes projection design.


Our approach was to be radically different then their past events. We went into the project with no restraints trying to give the brand a complete new look, while keeping their logo structure intact. Dyad started with the color scheme by trying to choose colors from the full spectrum, not just blue tones from the past event.


Once the color scheme was established, we deliberated on the best way to structure and display it, concluding that a geometric pattern and layout to be a great compass to include all colors at once.  During the actual show, we also had a team of videographers and photographers in the crowd, front and behind the sage capturing the event to stitch an after movie to promote the event going into 2018, and as a recap for all those who attended the event.