One Sette

Project Details

What It Is:

One Sette is newly established nightclub in Dallas’ uptown.

The Ask:

One Sette first approached DYAD with their nightclub concept. They were looking for branding that would encompass the aesthetic they were hoping to bring to their forthcoming establishment.


Their visual inspiration was largely influenced by aspects of art deco and the 1920-30s. Determined to develop branding that embodied both a modern and early 20th century aesthetic, our goal was to help them achieve this look while also setting them apart from the typical night club.


The branding we developed consists of a logo system, typefaces, a color pallette, adaptable brand artifacts, textures and custom patterns. The primary logo we created is an abstract icon reminiscent of art deco and is accompanied by both serif and san serif typefaces that together demonstrate both modern and early 20th century styles. The secondary logo, icon and brand artifacts allow their brand to be adaptable to numerous formats. To assist the rollout of One Sette, we utilized the branding we developed to create a minimal one page website and print collateral.