PBR - 2019 Art Contest Winner
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Project Details

What It Is:

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a classic American lager from Milwaukee, Wisconsin established in 1844. As part of their PBR Art Campaign, they host an annual can design and animation contest fielding submissions from designers across the country.

The Ask:

After seeing some of the submissions, we figured that we could put together an animated short that would blow the rest out of the water. We wanted to have a little fun with idea of the journey a PBR can takes when going through a vending machine before arriving to its customer.


We planned out the short by conceptualizing a few environments that the PBR can would go through on its way to the customer. We also got our hands on an old soundtrack from a PBR commercial from 1979 that fit the animation perfectly. Since this was an art contest, we really wanted to push ourselves to try something new and pull out all the stops.


After winning the 2019 Pabst Art Contest with our animated short, PBR tasked us with creating a variety of animated social posts highlighting the winner sof the 12 oz, 16 oz, and 24 oz can designs.