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Project Details

What It Is:

Puma is an international brand known to push the boundaries of athletic fashion and shoe design. Their new LQDCELL soles are a honeycomb mesh made of soft gel material to allow the greatest comfort and stability.

The Ask:

Puma was looking for an artistic way to highlight the new LQDCELL shoes' unique features in a way that the viewer could "feel" the comfort and stability.


We wanted to take the two main features of the Puma LQDCELL, "stable" and "cushioning", and visually represent the feeling that people associate with these words. Our goal was to give the viewers the real-life experience of wearing the shoes before ever putting them on.


We created eight different frames, four for both "stable" and "cushioning", that visually displayed these two words in different contexts. Whether it was plush pillows spelling out "cushioning" or cranes quickly constructing the words "stable" we immersed the audience in the thrill of the new shoes.