Project Details

What It Is:

Robin Hood is a commission-free ETF and stock investment app providing both insights into the realm of investing along with an opportunity to trade right from your phone or desktop.

The Ask:

Robin Hood was aiming to have a series of animations created that would uniquely appeal to the various subgroups within their target audience. This content would be used for both organic social media and paid ad campaigns to drive app downloads.


Our approach was to create a series of smooth, looping animations that would fit seamlessly into the viewers' social media feed. We wanted to create something that was eye catching and interesting to watch in order to have a higher likelihood of ad clicks.


Of the 3 animations created, 2 were hyper-targeted (Peloton & Uber) towards a specific demographic while the third was more of a general evergreen visual that could appeal to a broader audience. The goal was to derive a variety of crops from the animations that could be used as still graphics for social media ads as well as web ads.