The Whippersnapper

Project Details

What It Is:

The Whipper Snapper is a funky dive bar on Henderson Avenue in Dallas, Texas taking you back to the 90’s, one song at a time.

The Ask:

This throwback inspired dive bar came to Dyad with the need of all things marketing content, such as branding, a website and a logo that would represent their concept and vision.


Majority of our inspiration came from resale stores and the TV show TRL, we wanted to embody the essence and vibe from the 90s and pack it all into a small dive bar. We created the brand heavily based on vibrant colors and hand drawn elements.


Dyad built a logo that was intended to look symmetrical and easy to read on a beer glass, then progressed into chaotic hand drawn flyers adding humor to the visuals. We took the style and spread it across the website to give the brand a strong online presence that stayed consistent with all the other elements.