Total Life Changes

Project Details

What It Is:

TLC is a product based multi-level marketing company that provides health and beauty products to millions of people worldwide.

The Ask:

TLC tasked Dyad to a full company rebrand, included creation of website, logo, labels, social media strategy.


Before starting the project, Dyad had a meeting with their CMO to learn more about their values, brand history, and important assets that were going to be helpful for a successful brand revamp. The main idea was to give TLC a new vibrant and clean look, while keeping some key elements from the original branding. We started by building a stronger brand identity and a website revamp to help them become more disruptive to the market.


Our team created and maintained strategic marketing across social media channels, event assets, video and social media campaigns, photoshoots, catalogs and product packaging design. We updated the TLC logo which included their blue and green color scheme, while trying to salvage the Vitruvian Man that they used throughout their branding from the beginning. Our objective for their website was to develop a more wholesome online experience, starting with being able to sell their products directly from the website, as opposed to taking their users off the site and into a different purchasing service.