You'll Feel It tour

Project Details

What It Is:

The You'll Feel It tour is a world-wide event by Total Life Changes, an MLM Health and Wellness company. The tour consists of a month in each city recruiting new members, providing training, and sharing testimonials of the alleviated lifestyle TLC has to offer. This year the tour reached many cities including Dallas, New York, Memphis, Paris, Detroit to name a few.

The Ask:

TLC tasked DYAD with creating the branding and visual identities, such as banners, sweatshirts and various forms of merchandise for the tour. As well as providing event video coverage in each of the cities the tour attended.


Our goal was to establish a design direction that is bold and deliberate to vocalize the energetic nature of the You'll Feel It events from the moment you walk in. Along with capturing moments and creating recaps, by video, that best highlight the positive experience created by TLC.


We choose a loud font tailored with inviting colors to best represent the aesthetic of the You'll Feel It tour. Accompanied by video coverage documenting the riveting speeches, testimonials, and interviews along the way.